Our Ministries

This is where you’ll find information about all the awesome ministries available at Zion Temple Church of God in Christ.
Board of Deacons
Board of Deacons The term diakonos or deacon denotes the service or ministration of a helper or bondservant (one who has sold himself, by choice, for service). His ministry is non-preaching, but should be apt to teach. These are proven men in the faith who will serve as right hand men to the Pastor in secular and business matters of the church, conducting worship services, assisting in carrying out the ordinances of the church, and shall be knowledgeable of the doctrine of the church. ... more
Board of Ministers
The Board of Ministers, comprises all Associate Ministers who are companions in the ministry, ranking highest next to the Pastor. They are allowed some but not all privileges , such as those granted by the Pastor. They are to follow the spiritual guidance of the Pastor in the capacity or capacities in which he has assigned to them. One Associate Minister may be designated, by the Pastor, as his Assistant to represent him in his absence. The Board Members: Elder Ervy Thomas, Assistant ... more
Sunday School
Sunday School is the major teaching ministry of the church. Designed for all ages, it will focus on various Biblical topics for the spiritual growth of those who attend. It is also evangelical in its teaching of the Gospel of salvation, to all who attend. It consists of a Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, coordinator of Outreach/In-reach ministry, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, and Teachers. Deacon Charles Nance, Superintendent Elder Alphonso Richardson, Assistant ... more
The Y.P.W.W. is both a teaching ministry and a training branch of the church, originally designed as an emphasis on the needs of the youth. It is also designed to enhance the lives of all believers. Its officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Teachers.
Usher Board
"Ushers play the role of silent evangelists. They give the attendees of the service the first impression of the service. We should greet the people with a smile as they enter the Lord's house, seat them and make sure they have a program, if one is prepared. Our responsibility is also to keep order in the Lord's house and make each one who enters feel comfortable." The Usher Board is composed of those dedicated to "order" in the House of ... more
Missions Department
This department shall consist of Home and Foreign Mission, Outreach Missions, Hospital Intercessory Missions and the Benevolence Committee. They shall coordinate their efforts to seek ways to serve the needs of mankind wherever and however possible. Mother Evelyn Smith, Presisdent Sister Lilllie Love, Vice President
Department of Evangelism
Headed by the Associate Minister for evangelism, Elder Ervy Thomas, this department shall consist of Elders, Ministers, and Missionaries who are members of Zion Temple Church of God in Christ. Pending approval of the Pastor, this department shall schedule revivals and crusades during the year. This department shall also work very closely with the Director of Outreach/In-reach and the Director of Missions by participating in such activities as Street Ministry, Prison Outreach, and Nursing ... more
Department of Music
This department consist of all choirs, groups, ensembles, and musicians in the church. The Minister of Music, Elder Clarence Golden, shall have immediate supervision of this department. It shall be prepared to minister musically at all times, and in all types of service. This is to include, but not limited to Friday night worship, Sunday morning and evening services, revivals, crusades, funerals, special services, etc.
Department of Youth Ministries
The Junior Church, Sunshine Band and any other youth group shall comprise the Department of Youth Ministries. The coordinator, Sis. Michelle Golden, shall be responsible for working with the leaders of these organizations to identify and schedule appropriated ministerial and fellowship activities. Sis. Michelle Golden, Coordinator Elder Sidney Marks, Assistant Sister Aneika Rivers, Assistant
The deaconess is an order exclusively for women in the Church. They shall assist deacons in carrying out the ordinances of the church. They are to be serious in the discharge of their duties, " not slanderers, sober-minded and faithful in all things." The Deaconess' Sis. Gloria Madgett, President Sis. Jonnie Carde Sis. Lillie Love Sis. Annie Nance